memory lane

this weekend jimmy and i took the bocho out for a drive up the hudson river and around westchester, where we enjoyed some lush scenery and fantastic antiquing. my pictures of the scenery were lame, but these shots of the little bug we took with the polaroid (we had a whole 70's revival this weekend) were pretty good:

when we scanned these in, we also scanned some other lovely photographs we have lying around... here we are in london:

and here's a pic that currently lives on our fridge, which jimmy named "shaundrey" - me and audrey on our foliage peeping trip this last autumn:

and finally, b/c she was here to visit this weekend and it was so great to see her and and take her and dave for a drive,.. and b/c we are just so damn cute, here's some pics of my friend kate and me, (actually taken last time she visited, in the winter):

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