a future in television?

last week i rented 11 of my paintings to FOX, for an episode of their new show "New Amsterdam." apparently it will air sometime in january, and when i find out exactly when i'll let you know so you can watch. the episode has something to do with some artist from the 19th century, and my paintings dressed the set of his studio; were meant to be his work. who knew all my figure studies from school would actually be rent-able!?

the new season of 30 rock began last thursday and sure enough my drawing is prominently placed in baldwin's character's office. here it is right between him and guest-star jerry seinfeld:

i'm sorry i forgot to give a heads up to watch, but it'll be there in his office all season if you'd like to tune in and see - it's a funny show by the way. and here is a shot of one of the drawings i did last season, just for one episode (on the wall behind tina fey):