for the 2nd year in a row, i have submited work for the westminster kennel club dog show poster contest. this year my painting was selected as a finalist! here it is!:

you can see the winner of this year's contest here. while i'm at it, here are pics of the painting i did last year, which got an honorable mention, but i don't think i ever posted: 


some studies

i've gotten a little behind with updating, so here is just a bunch of studies from the last few months for you to see. this first one, another white stag, will be in this year's take home a nude auction at sotheby's:

this one will be on view at the KGB Bar in a couple weeks:

finally, a couple of red-tailed hawks:



i'll have 4 little paintings in this show at the super cool KGB (kraine gallery bar) in my old hood, the good-old easy villy. you should absolutely come join me for a drink at the reception on october 12th (if you live around here)!!! you can also check out the blog with some sneak peaks here!


Back to school!

FALL SESSION: September 12 - November 30
New York Academy of Art, Continuing Education
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

10am to 1pm and/or 2pm to 5pm

I will be teaching the painting portion of this course Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

Registration is open! Visiting New York City for a short period of time? You may sign up for this class by the day or week: tailor the class to fit your schedule.

For information please visit www.nyaa.edu or contact me.


Giraffe in Maine

This is the mural Jimmy and I just did for our friends' new baby's room!! Welcome home little Oona Lulu Lafayette Murphy!!!!!!!!


new studio!

i've moved out of the little studio in our apartment, and into a large space in brooklyn which i am sharing with friends. here are some shots of my main wall, almost all set up. i'm excited to get to work!


more noble ancestors!

last year i was commissioned to do some tiny portraits of king henry II and his wife eleanor of aquitaine. this year, the same person requested paintings of a few more ancestors. here they are! william the conqueror, charlemagne, and sir william johnson, first baronet of new york.


animal drawing postponed

fyi, my drawing animals class at the jersey city art school has been postponed. i will post here when i find out the new dates. for now, here's a study i did from a cute little fella currently in my studio. :)


upcoming classes!!!

i will be teaching a 4-week long animal drawing workshop at the jersey city art school, starting this thursday (may 19th)! you can see a class description here. we will be drawing from live taxidermy animals.

also, my continuing education class at the new york academy of art starts up again for the summer session on may 31st! 

there are still spots free for either class, if you're interested. feel free to send me a message if you have any questions: contact@shaunafinn.com.

i hope to see you!!!