Tufted Flycatcher

Here is a friendly little Tufted Flycatcher that I painted recently, to wish you a Happy Summer :)

Also, a quick note: I changed my Facebook page - it was www.facebook.com/ShaunaFinnArtist, and now it is www.facebook.com/ShaunaFinnArt (long story). If you want to keep up to date with news, new work etc., click "like" at the top of that page.


My first solo show!

Sternflammende 2013, oil on canvas, 44 x 32 inches

[please visit the event page on facebook for more info]


In progress

I've been working a lot in the studio, getting very excited for a show I have coming up at the end of April - stay tuned for more info!... in the meantime, here's a sneak peak at a couple paintings in progress.

60 x 48"

23 x 14"


It's time for Metro cards!

...The big show of little works is back. Thousands of tiny works of art, all done on NYC metro cards. Here are mine from this year:

The show was an enormous success this year, with tons of press and an absolutely packed opening. 

You can get info, and even see all the work online at the single-fare.com. You can even buy them online this year! Out of my nine, only this and this are left.  

To refresh your memory, you can see what I did for Single Fare 2 here and here.

This year I helped out at the opening, which was cool b/c I got to get a close and intimate look at all the work before the crowds rushed in:

The show is up until Friday. I hightly suggest you check it out if you are in the NYC area!!! It's an amazing collection of tiny artworks!!!

Here is a big painting in progress in my studio, continuing some of the imagery I explored in my metro cards. These little things are such a great way to work out ideas for bigger pieces: 

And finally, here are some links to the press the show has been getting. It is so fun to be part of such an exciting event! Enjoy!
Arte Fuse - http://artefuse.com/2013/02/single-fair-3-at-rh-gallery/

inhabitat - http://inhabitat.com/nyc/photos-single-fare-3-brings-even-more-cool-metrocard-artwork-to-tribeca/

According2G - http://according2g.com/2013/02/must-see-art-single-fare-3-at-rh-gallery/

Pattern Pulp - http://www.patternpulp.com/art/if-you-see-something-buy-something/

Art Sucks - http://www.artsucks.com/blog/2013/feb13/single-fare-2-13-13.php

Transportation Nation - http://transportationnation.org/2013/02/14/slideshow-art-on-nyc-metrocards/

Animal New York - http://animalnewyork.com/2013/single-fare-3/

Artinfo - http://blogs.artinfo.com/artintheair/2013/02/14/art-world-missed-connections-moma-cougar-subway-portraitist-and-more/


En Verdaille

Lately I've gone back to experimenting with green under-paintings, which I initially intended to paint on top of with full color. However, I am really loving the monochrome in green effect, so I think I'll leave a few of these little studies as is:

This painting was started with en verdaille, and the later layers were done in full color. I really love the effect:

It's hard to decide whether to leave them green or paint more layers. I think I'll just go back and forth. I do think I will paint on top of this one. I'll keep you posted! :)


Halloween Exhibition!

I have two spooky owls in this spooktacular Halloween art show! Opening and B-Horror costume party this Wednesday night at Kraine Gallery in the East Village!


Diana and the Beast

My friend Diana Corvelle and I have done an art trade, and this is the painting I did of her, posing with one of my stags:

Diana and I met in St. Barths; she was the Artist in Residence arriving just as I was leaving. Here is the painting she did of me, from a photo she took before I left. She paints with gouache, amazingly, using teeny-tiny brushes, and the tail and water are cut-out bristol with blue paper underneath:

I'm actually a mermaid. 

Some spooky owls


New Studio

I've been in limbo lately, waiting to move my studio from Brooklyn to Jersey City. Here's the beautiful new space... I can't wait! :)


Packin it up

I'm leaving on Monday... packing up all my stuff so I can soak up my last few hours here. I will be sad to leave! But also very excited to get back.