i just got around to developing a roll of film i took in rhode island this summer. lots of good shots of this little family of geese.



it's been a while, but it's time to get the blog back up to speed. starting today, i'd like to bring the "daily" back into "thedailywarbler" and try to post something monday through friday, either art-related or just little daily musings.

for now, here are the paintings i did this summer for german artist sven johne for you to see. sven is a conceptual/installation/journalistic/photographic artist working in leipzig, and as some of you know he commissioned me to do 7 portraits for part of his upcoming exhibition. this component of the exhibition involves the last lighthouse keepers in germany. he gave me some photos of the actual individuals for reference, but it wasn't important to get a specific likeness, and for the most part the portraits are invented. sven was more concerned that the facial expressions convey a specific feeling. because these guys (and one lady) are basically the end of a line, he wanted me to push the expressions to varying degrees of pride, loneliness or sadness.

the exhibition opens in berlin in november; he'll be sending me images from the exhibition and i'll be sure to post them here.