rachel sat for our third installment of the wednesday painting group. (last week i sat, which is why i had no painting to post.) we're hoping to keep this going each week, and to bring more people in! :)



a quick study of my studio-mate. she and i and a couple other painting buddies will be meeting every wednesday evening, taking turns sitting for eachother. :)


2007 bringing good things so far

i've been slackin on my bloggin this holiday season. i was home for the holidays (as you know my faithful reader, aka Mom) and didn't paint like i'd planned.. but i had a great time and maybe i'll post some pics soon. but for the moment, i'd like to get my brag on: one of the paintings (below) that was chosen for the st. barths show, sold. and to none other than Lorne Michaels, creater & producer of Saturday Night Live.

otherwise i've been busy back at work playing catch-up. but soon i'll be back at the studio and back to posting new stuff. happy new year!