... to be finished when we meet again after new years :)


giving me a run for my money

these kids are totally saving my blogger-ass, providing me with wonderful posts. and their work is becoming so meaningfully nuanced. like these drawings by parker, i mean, what's going on in his subjects' minds?:

julian's work has really gone in a post-modern conceptual direction:

and last but definitely not least, josh's bird is back, only this time he appears to be part of some kind of gang; sporting dew rags, smoking doobies and rolling one deep:


self portrait

i did this a couple weeks ago actually; i've been trying to do lots of quick, one-sitting studies to get the juices flowing... lots of self portraits, since i'm always available to model! i've got some other sitters lined up, so hopefully you'll see some different faces soon. :)


more cuteness from the little red school house

because i don't have anything exciting to show for my time at the studio the last few days, i'm relying on jimmy's 10-year old friends to for today's post. he brought this drawing from katherine home today:

so sweet. he said when he arrived at little red today all the kids were like "ohmygosh, how's your kitty's pee-hole!?!"


St. Barths

This is a painting I started months ago from photos I took last year in St. Barths, but never finished. I am revisiting it now (I wish I was revisiting St. Barths); here it is after working on it a bit yesterday:

It will hopefully join 3 other little landcapes of mine which are leaving soon for the island to be included in a show.