i got the news today that a painting of mine was selected for inclusion in the Summer Exhibition at the New York Academy of Art. this is the painting that was chosen:

and this painting of my good friend morgan was in the final round, but ultimately didn't make it in:

the show was juried by vincent desiderio, eric fischl and jenny saville - three great artists who i really admire, so i'm thrilled! out of over 850 submissions, only 96 were chosen due to space limitations. the exhibition will open June 6th and will be up until july 18th. i'll be sending out an invitation soon!


neil said...
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Johannes said...

Hallo Shauna!

Das ist ja großartig! Ich freue mich so für Dich! Leider kann ich nicht kommen ;-) es ist ein bisschen weit! Tolle Bilder!

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