figure drawing!

i finally rejoined my friends at the LIC studio for drawing group last night. i've really missed it!


showing up for work

this is a TED talk that i discovered a while back - it's by elizabeth gilbert, author of eat pray love, and it's about creativity and being an artist and all the fears and anxieties that sometimes come along with it. sometimes when i feel scared of painting (kind of a lot), i watch this video. she's a great speaker and i think this way of approaching the creative process is so helpful and comforting. ..plus she relates anecdotally how tom waits is the best living example of this approach, and tom waits is one of my favorite artists of all time. enjoy!


sunday succulent terrarium stoop party

i spent mother's day with my own new babies:

aren't they precious? i particularly enjoy the tiny pots they came in:

jimmy bought me the glass bowl a few weeks ago and i've been planning to put a little tiny garden inside it. starting out was easy enough but it became pretty tricky getting my hands inside and maneuvering around the plants to put new ones in.

here it is all finished:

and here it is in our little bedroom garden, with a bonus pic of papi stalking birds at his bird feeder:


pink trees

it has been so amazing watching jersey city come to life this spring. there are so many beautifully flowering trees and plants in our neighborhood - magnolias, pussywillows, eastern redbud, dogwood (a spectacular white one in our backyard), callery pear, crabapple, linden, sweetgum and oak... and many more. but by far, my favorite are the wonderful kanzan cherry trees, which are found in abundance around here:

although the canopy of blossoms only lasts for a couple weeks at the most, the way the petals cover the ground when they fall is almost just as enjoyable. it's like having snow in springtime, only pink!! :)


Mom :)

happy mothers day to all the lovely moms out there - first and foremost this pretty lady, the sweetest & greatest one i know. love you mom! xox