bride's maids sashes

as the maid of honor, i told christina i would help her jazz up the bride's maids' dresses. so i made a pretty sash with a flower to go around our wastes.. jimmy and i had a little craft party at home and he helped me cut them all out. here they are in progress:

the finished flower:

this isn't the best but it's the only pic i have yet of the whole ensamble. when cp forwards the wedding photos i'll post one with all of us together. ..oh yeah and there's Christina looking all bridal.. doesn't she look beautiful?


more from Eleuthera

the bride & groom:

look at this cuteness:

every sunset here has been amazing

p.s. we watched election coverage on a tiny tv in the gym here, sitting on stair-master machines and bikes. this is the second major world-changing event that has happened back home that i've been away during (911 i was on an island in greece). it's kind of upsetting not to be home celebrating with everyone. (not that i'm complaining).




sorry about the irregular posting but i'm finally in the bahamas! it is so great to be here with christina and tom. it's so quiet and warm and peaceful. the wedding is going to be so beautiful! i'll post pics here each day. here's a couple right outside the door where i'm sitting:


happy halloween from JC

after last night, i love our neighborhood even more. nothing pleases me more than seeing people go all out for halloween. and our block proved to be the spookiest one around for all the trick-or-treaters..

this is our building; through the window you can see margie the manequin who lives in the foyer:

our neighbors across the street had the goriest display for sure: notice the rat eating this poor skeleton's brains:

but i think these lovely witches, also across the street, took the prize for the most spooktacular set up: