sunday succulent terrarium stoop party

i spent mother's day with my own new babies:

aren't they precious? i particularly enjoy the tiny pots they came in:

jimmy bought me the glass bowl a few weeks ago and i've been planning to put a little tiny garden inside it. starting out was easy enough but it became pretty tricky getting my hands inside and maneuvering around the plants to put new ones in.

here it is all finished:

and here it is in our little bedroom garden, with a bonus pic of papi stalking birds at his bird feeder:


kate prentiss said...

hi pretty lady, beautiful friend of mine. oh!! i am so glad to see that our lives still have so many similarities even when we are across the country from each other!! This weekend we had a garden b-day party for my housemate adrienne... with succulents of course! And the same pink snow has fallen from the trees on my street in oakland.
and last but not least, i have fallen in love with the most amazing man who has a 4 year daughter... i just read her Kate and the Beanstalk which you gave me years ago.

Anonymous said...

oh man!!!! i love succulents ! where did you get all those!?