best presents ever

i received a couple of amazing prezies this weekend from my two ultimate bros.
the first one is from jimmy. every time i fly away somewhere he hides a card or note in my suitcase for me to find later. this year is the best one ever cuz it's a christmas card that he made (that also included a check for $5 to spend on ice cream). look at this dapper gentleman:

and the second one is the most amazing painting by christina of some adorable kittens. she got herself a paint by number kit and worked on it for weeks. she let the numbers serve as a guide but eventually went into it with her own colors, seriously taking paint by number to another level. how awesome is this???? words can't express how much i love it. thanks again buddy :) :)


Jimmy French said...

that one kitten looks like he's up to no good

ShalackHarnsburn said...

Maybe because there's red pools of blood in front of him that are supposed to be ladybugs.